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FAQ and Rules
Table of Contents:

The Rules
Our rules are really really simple, if you take the time to learn them. And you should!
  1. Don't be an asshole. If you don't have something constructive to say, don't say it! This is the big one.
  2. This forum's official language is English. Don't use chat-speak or other unfunny gimmicks.
  3. Double-posting / bumping old threads. Replying within minutes asking if anybody has read your post is a terrible idea. Double posting after a day or two with something new or updated is fine, though. If you want to bump an old thread, contribute something new to it.
  4. Don't get in fights. If you're having trouble with another user, contact an administrator.
  5. Nothing illegal. No warez, illegal crap, etc. There are exceptions for ROMs in certain cases. When in doubt, don’t post it and ask an administrator.
  6. The staff has the final say in everything. We can ban you for any reason or no reason at all. Posting here is NOT a right. Do not attempt to rules-lawyer us.

Punishments are given on a case-by-case basis, from 'warning' to 'permanent ban'.

We are a relaxed community, but constantly breaking the rules will get you banned fast.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask one of the admins for help.

About SMB3 Prime
SMB3 Prime is a website, message board, and Discord server geared towards unifying the SMB3 hacking community. After being fed up with how splintered everyone in the SMB3 hacking scene was, it was decided that providing a branded, single place for everyone to gather was the solution. And here you are!

SMB3 Prime is *the* place to share information, hacks, accomplishments, and screenshots as well as download utilities and assets, learn from tutorials, discuss issues, and much more!

What can I upload?
What would your creation be without sharing with others? We get you! SMB3 Prime allows you to share your projects, tutorials, in-progress screenshots, or whatever cool result you got! We however do ask you refrain from uploading the following:
  • Full ROMS. We accept IPS as well as other binary patches.
  • Diff Patches and other text patches
  • Individual assets like graphics, levels, etc.
  • ASM (or any form) of code that relates to SMB3, it's ports, or anything that can be considered a tool for working with game assets that is on topic with the discussion.
  • Any tutorial or guide that is on topic. (PDF or Text Files preferred)
  • Any image that is on topic with the discussion.

We also have an overall rule everything uploaded should be SFW, not contain anything illegal, and be in context with our site. Any files found to be violate any rules (or as needed by our staff) shall be removed without warnning. If the reason is due to violation of the rules you could recive anywhere from an offcial warning, to removal of uploading privlages, and finally a ban from the site itself.

I'm new here. Where should I start?
Always, by reading the rules... but since you're here, it's probably a safe bet that you've already done that. (If you haven't, now is a great time.)

Once you've done that, sign up for an account (or log in if you've already made one). It's simple and very easy to do. After you're registered, you're more than welcome to just jump in and say hi by posting in the Introductions thread, or even making your own. We're friendly people and won't bite (usually). Let us know about yourself, how you found us, or whatever's on your mind — or just jump in and start contributing to discussions.

What are post layouts?
Post layouts are like signatures on other forums, but on steroids. Rather than just some text, an image, and maybe a link, post layouts allow you to style your entire post! You too can turn your wonderful contributions into a GeoCities™-esque abomination.

You can enable or disable the showing of post layouts by choosing the relevant option in your profile settings.

(Particularly egregious/unreadable layouts will be removed by admins. Abuse of this feature will lead to you no longer being able to use one.)

You can customize your layout with fun facts about your statistics by using &tags&, outlined below.

What are &tags&?
These are variables that can be used in your post header or signature. Once you post, they'll get replaced with a value depending on the tag used.

Tags Description
/me Your username (must have a space after it)
&date& Current date
&numdays& Number of days since registration
&numposts& Current post count
&rank& Current rank, according to your amount of posts
&postrank& Post ranking
&5000& Posts left until you have 5000
&10000& Posts left until you have 10000
&20000& Posts left until you have 20000
&30000& Posts left until you have 30000
&exp& EXP
&expgain& EXP gain per post
&expgaintime& Seconds for 1 EXP when idle
&expdone& EXP done in the current level
&expdone1k& EXP done / 1000
&expdone10k& EXP done / 10000
&expnext& Amount of EXP left for next level
&expnext1k& EXP needed / 1000
&expnext10k& EXP needed / 10000
&exppct& Percentage of EXP done in the level
&exppct2& Percentage of EXP left in the level
&level& Level
&lvlexp& Total EXP amount needed for next level
&lvllen& EXP needed to go through the current level

What is BBcode?

BBcode is a simple syntax which you can use on your posts to format the text or add images and videos. Below is a list of the supported tags:

[b]Bolded text.[/b]Bolded text.
[i]Italicized text.[/i]Italicized text.
[u]Underlined text.[/u]Underlined text.
[s]Strikethrough text.[/s]Strikethrough text.
[abbr=Basic Input/Output System]BIOS[/abbr]BIOS
[sp=terrible]Great[/sp] software.Great software.
[url=]Link text here.[/url]Link text here.
[red]Red color.[/color]Red color.
[green]Green color.[/color]Green color.
[blue]Blue color.[/color]Blue color.
[orange]Orange color.[/color]Orange color.
[yellow]Yellow color.[/color]Yellow color.
[pink]Pink color.[/color]Pink color.
[white]White color.[/color]White color.
[black]Black color.[/color] (bad idea)Black color.
[quote=user]Quoted text.[/quote]
Originally posted by user
Quoted text.
[code]Sample <b>code</b>.[/code]

Sample <b>code</b>.

[spoiler]Spoiler text.[/spoiler]
[spoileri]Inline spoiler text.[/spoileri]
[youtube]BrQn-O_zFRc[/youtube] (video ID)A YouTube embed.

I've got a question and I need some help, or I found a bug somewhere.
Post it in the forum here, or alternatively just message the main administrator. If it's a security bug in the code, we really recommend the latter.

I've been banned. Now what?
You can try checking your title (under your username in your posts) to find out the reason and when it expires. If there's no expiration, it's probably permanent. If you're post due for unbanning, let an admin know and they'll take care of it.

On the other hand, if it's permanent, you can always try to show us you've changed and request a second chance... but any further antics after that will usually get your account deleted.

I've lost/forgotten my password. Now what?
If you are having password related issues you should contact Emuz or one of our admins on Discord for help.

SMB3 Prime

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