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02-03-23 05:44:22 PM

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SMB3 Prime - Tutorials and Info - Object and Enemy Data (and orders)New poll - New thread - New reply
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Posted on 06-06-19 08:15:08 PM (last edited by BlueFinch at 06-06-19 08:15:35 PM) Link | Quote
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About vanilla (stock) SMB3 hacking:
Starting out, you ought to observe the limits of a given level space. In saying that, I am telling you that SMB3 hacking is not like working with Super Mario Maker. Though this may change in the future, currently one must observe the limits of a given level space. Some level spaces were given more room for objects and enemies by the developers, while others were given just a few objects and enemies. Stay at or below the enemy / object limits for a level when you first start hacking to avoid the level breaking.

Though level 1-1 is followed by 1-2 on the overworld map, it rarely lines up like this code-side. If you overrun the byte limit in 1-1, it won't spill into 1-2, but it will spill into somewhere! Observe the order of a level codeside (nominal location) to know where you can borrow bytes from.

3) QuickCurly has done a lot for romhacking, and the documents below are his work. I am distributing them here because it is really good information.

4) I am also including an excel spreadsheet that KP made and shared in the discord a while back. This shows the grouping of the levels by object set. This is a great resource as it quickly shows what kind of levels fall into a certain category. (For instance, but not exclusively, this could be handy for someone making rigidly-themed worlds that only have a certain kind of level.)

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SMB3 Prime - Tutorials and Info - Object and Enemy Data (and orders)New poll - New thread - New reply

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