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06-19-24 04:30:28 PM

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Posted on 06-30-20 04:18:08 PM (last edited by Joe Smo at 07-01-20 03:58:54 AM) Link | Quote

Level: 7

Posts: 5/9
EXP: 1033
For next: 415

Since: 06-15-20

From: Subspace

Since last post: 4.0 years
Last activity: 3.8 years

Difficulty: Medium
Author: Quick Curly
Version: 1.0

This is Quick Curly’s first official attempt at ROM hacking. In this SMB3 hack, Mario and Luigi must save Princess Toadstool, who has been kidnapped by Bowser for the five hundredth time. They must travel through five different Realms before they can enter Dark Land, which may be small, but it is deadly. Changes include edited graphics, specifically the status bar. Players will advance through new levels, ranging from easy to hard difficulty. All the main text has been changed, including the Bonus Games, Toad Houses, End Castles, Princess Toadstool’s letters, and the World Name Credits. A big thank you goes out to Googie, for if it weren’t for him, this hack would never have been possible. WARNING: There may be a few mature themes, but there is no swearing.

Size:22.85 KB
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Size:3.41 KB
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I really need to improve this. Just 4 more Exp

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SMB3 Prime - Hacks - Quick Bros.New poll - New thread - New reply

SMB3 Prime

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