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Welcome to SMB3 Prime! 06-06-19 01:33:50 AM
Welcome to SMB3 Prime!

SMB3 Prime is a site and Discord dedicated to helping create those Mario 3 worlds you always want to create! The site is both the discord which will serve as our main point of discussion, and this site where your creations can be more easily found and shared for everyone to try out your wonderful work!

The website is in two parts. A news page which you find the latest community events, Toonki Tailor Updates, or just info about the community and site in general. The second is the forums that allows you to upload your creations, start community projects, or have discussions that require a bit of time to get all the input you need. The current forum software we're using has a long standing tradition in the ROM hacking community. Acmlm's Boards was one of the biggest forums for discussion and debuting your creations back in my day. It's style inspired other large communities as well.

We'll be looking to expand out offerings on this website as we go along as well as changing out what we feel doesn't meet our needs so there may be changes as well as new additions and features so stay tuned!

If you have join our site but not our discord please consider doing so.

Once again Welcome! We look forward to seeing your creations!
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